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Velocity - A266W


Velocity - A266W


High Speed, Rapid Dry

  • Dries hands in seconds
  • Lowest running costs
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Low impact on the environment

Velocity - A266W

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Features / Specifications

The Velocity is our fastest dryer. This power machine will dry your hands in 8-10 seconds. 80% more energy efficient than conventional dryers.

Dries hands in seconds
Velocity dries hands completely in a matter of seconds
blasting a high velocity air stream onto your hands.
Lowest running costs
Keep your cost to a minimum with Velocity. Velocity
provides you with significantly lower costs than paper
Clean and hygienic
Touch-free, inlet air filtration, anti-bacterial treated
plastics and no soiled paper towel litter. Velocity is the
best option for health and well being.
Low impact on the environment
Life Cycle Assessment Studies show that electric hand
dryers are a better choice than paper based products on
energy usage alone, without considering the
environmental impact of the manufacture and disposal
of paper.

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