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DualDri - A266DD-S


DualDri - A266DD-S


High Speed, Rapid Dry

  • Dries hands in seconds
  • Lowest running costs
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Low impact on the environment

DualDri - A266DD-S

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Features / Specifications

Fast and quiet, this premium dryer looks great and drys hands in under 15 seconds.

Dries hands in seconds
Dual-Dri dries hands completely in a matter of seconds
blasting high velocity air streams to both sides of your
hands simultaneously reducing the dry time by half.
Lowest running costs
Keep your cost to a minimum with Dual-Dri. Dual-Dri provides
you with significantly lower costs than conventional
dryers and paper towels.
Clean and hygienic
Touch-free, inlet air filtration, anti-bacterial treated plastics
and no soiled paper towel litter. Dual-Dri is the best option
for health and well being.
Low impact on the environment
Life Cycle Assessment Studies show that electric hand
dryers are a better choice than paper based products on
energy usage alone, without considering the environmental
impact of the manufacture and disposal of paper.

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